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Other Services

  • Cutting of Panel Products

    Most of our panel products are available in two types of cutting service: whole sheet cutting and cut to size.

    For whole sheet cutting, where customers require us to cut up an entire sheet of 4' x 8' plywood based on their drawing, a cutting fee is applicable on top of the whole sheet price based on the complexity of the cut and the number of cuts required to achieve the required dimension. This service is recommended if the dimension required is close to 4' x 8' (for example 3' x 6').

    For cut to size, customers are able to save cost on wastage by paying for what they actually require. No cutting fee is charged, however, price of the panel product is calculated based on the actual amount required. This service is recommended if the dimension required is just a small percentage of an entire sheet of 4' x 8' (for example 1' x 2')

  • Lamination of High Pressure Laminate (HPL) and/or Panel Products

    We offer this service to our customers if they require layers of HPL or panel products (plywood, MDF etc.) to be laminated. Lamination is performed on an entire sheet of panel product (4’ x 8’), and the applicable lamination fee is dependent on the type of product being laminated with and on.

  • Lamination of edging for Panel Products

    We offer this service to our customers if they require ABS edging lamination for their panel products. Edging service is subjected to thickness of the panel product (plywood, MDF etc.), and is charged based on a per-foot-run basis.

  • Computer Numeric Control (CNC) and Laser cutting/engraving

    Our CNC and Laser cutting/engraving services are charged based on the time taken for the CNC or laser machine to fully cutting or engraving the design. Laser cutting and engraving offers higher accuracy but takes a longer processing time, whereas CNC cutting and engraving offers lesser accuracy but takes a shorter processing time.

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"Thumbs up for the responsive replies and services that Maxcon Enterprise has been providing. They are always able to fulfil our demanding requests and deliver the order within the shortest possible time, along with a price that’s very affordable and competitive."

- Neo Poh Hong Co-founder, Designed Pte. Ltd

"Having liaise with Maxcon Enterprise for our materials library, Maxcon Enterprise has been providing great help in terms of material knowledge and also affordable material prices for our members. Kudos to them for being such a great support!"

- Robin Oh Vice Lead Executive Officer, One Maker Group

" I managed to engage Maxcon Enterprise to design and craft door gifts for birthday, wedding and corporate events. Their laser and CNC service, coupled with their wide selection of raw materials and professionalism really made doing business with them hassle-free!"

- Daphne Ang Professional Party Planner

" I was struggling to find a timber supplier that caters to small orders to build my very own timber bed, but thankfully I found Maxcon Enterprise! They were quick and very responsive, and provided valuable advice on my DIY project!"

- Zach Lim Home DIY Customer

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